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Butcher Babies @ District N9NE with Enstride and Anti-Mortem.

October 13, 2014

butcher_babies_1Text by Gabi Chepurny. Images by Timothy Becker.

District N9NE is a place of many hats – sometimes a nightclub, sometimes a concert venue – and on Saturday night, the easy to miss building played host to heavy metal band Butcher Babies and their “No One Can Hear You Scream” tour.

Local five-piece Enstride opened the night with a heavy sound that didn’t match their look. The plain-clothed dudes stomped around on stage, playing songs to headbang to, like “Light It Up,” off their May release, The Sound That Silence Makes.

Oklahoma boys Anti-Mortem brought their own brand of southern metal back to Philly, complete with cut-off shorts and Dimebag Darrell-esque beards. The young group – all the members are between 18 and 22 – have the energy many fans are looking for and deliver with songs like “100% Pure American Rage” and “Words of Wisdom.”

Despite their age, Anti-Mortem has put some time and miles into their career.

“This song is called ‘Ride of Your Life,'” said lead singer Larado Romo. “So put your seat belt on because it’s a $100 ticket if you don’t … at least in fucking New York.”

Headliners Butcher Babies played a Goliath-heavy set, with fan favorites like “C8H18 (Gasoline)” and “In Denial.” The Los Angeles-based group took advantage of their first headlining opportunity to play what they wanted, including tracks like “Mr. Slowdeath” and “Jesus Needs More Babies for His War Machine,” from their early, blood-spattered, nipple-tape-wearing days.

“This whole thing started because of two little girls who had a dream, and I want to thank you for being part of this dream,” said lead singer Heidi Shepherd.

Carla Harvey added, “Even if every avenue tells you no, fuck ‘em!”

The Babies rounded out their set with an encore that included “Magnolia Blvd” and their cover of 1966’s “They’re Coming To Take Me Away Ha-Haaa!” by Napoleon XIV, which the band performed in studded masks.

Shepherd ended the night by saying, “Thanks for letting us be silly.”

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