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Wreckless Eric @ Ortleib’s.

October 27, 2014

WrecklessEricOrtliebs05Wreckless Eric returned to Philadelphia this weekend for the second time this year. He recalled his previous show – in June at The Tin Angel – as being fairly empty and rather annoying.

“It was a constant procession of old men with bad prostates going to the lavatory,” he said between songs during his set at Ortlieb’s on Saturday. “It fucking got on my nerves. Fucking depressing, it was.”

The former Stiff Records artist seemed especially surly on this visit despite the Northern Liberties bar being fairly packed (though it was still an older crowd). He didn’t have time to do soundcheck, so he just launched into his first track, “The Downside of Being a Fuck-Up.” And his old amplifier was giving him trouble.

“This is about the weirdest place,” he said of the club, where the stage faces a wall that is maybe six feet away. “It would take me years to get used to this place.”

He also made fun of the basement-level green room, where there’s a white pleather sofa that faces the restaurant supply shelves.

“It’s a wonderful view of 16 jars of maraschino cherries,” Eric remarked on stage. “And that couch is warm, comfortable and inviting … and covered in semen.”

The Brit who now lives in upstate New York played several of his old hits, like “Reconnez Cherie” and “Whole Wide World,” but also blended in his more recent music, like “Sysco Trucks.” Now on Fire Records, he’s already released two albums this year and a third is due out in December.

Despite his equipment problems, his guitar playing was outstanding, his attitude was fierce and the show was brief but really enjoyable.

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