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Wet @ Boot and Saddle with Ami Dang.

October 31, 2014
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Wet (12 of 15)Text by Jay Mohan. Images by Grace Dickinson.

Wet came through Boot and Saddle on Tuesday with Ami Dang and made everyone cry … in a good way.

Opener Ami Dang popped Boot and Saddle’s cherry as the first to play sitar in the venue. Although no Ravi Shankar or Vilayat Khan, what Dang lacked in her sitar playing was filled in by her creative blending of Hindustani classical ragas, almost new wave electronic beats and experimental samples from her Roland sp-404. The reverb from her set seemed to fill in the space for the audience that was holding off at the bar for Wet.

Wet took the stage to what appeared to be a set for a glamorous magazine photo shoot. Three umbrella lights behind the trio went from dim to blindingly bright throughout the show. It was a subtle set up that reflected the mood and energy of their music. Vocalist Kelly Zutrau did nearly no pandering to the audience and kept her voice consistent with the R&B grooves of their electro-pop jams.

Wet had everyone, including former JUMP cover artist Spank Rock, swooning by the end of the night.


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