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Communion: A Spiritual Gathering at Underground Arts.

November 6, 2014

TutlieCommunion is the sharing or exchange of intimate thoughts or feelings, especially when the exchange is on a mental or spiritual level. That was Ben Lovett’s ethos in the summer of 2006 when the founding member of Mumford and Sons started his Communion Club Night at London’s Notting Hill Arts Center.

Since then, the idea has evolved into an internationally recognized record label and concert tour. Over the last year, the event has become a monthly, two-room concert at Underground Arts. Featuring an eclectic mix of local (like Tutlie, above) and international talent, the event has become a staple for music lovers on the first Thursday of every month.

Our Peter Milos spoke with Communion’s national coordinator, Hillary Sprecher, who is in charge of booking and overseeing Communion Club Nights in the nine US cities they currently hold the event.

What is Communion and what was its original intention?

Communion is an artist-led organization that combines live promotion with a label. I work on the live side of our company, Communion Presents, which allows me to be involved with developing the smaller artists that might not have the proper promotion behind them. It’s an amazing platform for artists, even if they’re not involved with our label. Our passion and drive lies in helping to develop artists that we really believe in.

How did it start?

Ben started the company in 2006 with Kevin Jones and Ian Grimble. It essentially started as the same thing as what you see now in the U.K. and in the U.S., just on a much smaller scale. A tastemaker’s night full of great music and collaborative artistic creation.

What can Philadelphia expect in upcoming shows?

People can expect an amazing quality of music every single Club Night. I work to bring in the larger touring acts and our promoter partner, Bonfire, curates the lineup of locals. The chance to see who the new up-and-coming local and national artists are on a night like this is very exciting in itself.

Beyond that we’re working on record store partners, local business partners and sponsors. We want to create a night that’s more than just a typical show. We want our guests to have a bigger experience than that. Pairing with Philadelphia-based business and sponsors are what make these nights extra special. It benefits the city too, and that’s important to us.

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