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Jazmine Sullivan Listening Party @ Milkboy The Studio.

January 12, 2015

JazmineSullivanMilkboy06eLast Thursday, Jazmine Sullivan held a private party at Milkboy The Studio to celebrate the upcoming release of her third album, Reality Show.

“Every single thing on this album was chosen to convey a feeling,” Jazmine said to the small group of maybe three dozen people that included musicians, producers and at least one Hollywood star. “More than anything, I’m a storyteller.”

She’s been out of the industry for few years since dealing with a bad break up that left her soul-searching and even considering drugs (she turned to family instead). The 11-time Grammy nominee’s new album, which drops tomorrow, is an intimate look into her life (or so it feels). The songs range from classic R&B sounds to 70s-sounding dance grooves to club bangers with a little ratchet thrown in. Listen to it here.

“I’m nervous,” she told the crowd before she played seven songs from the album. “That’s my energy. But I’m really excited to be here with all of you, the people I grew up with, my family, everyone.”

The album was recorded at Milkboy, with famed producers like Salaam Remi and Key Wane contributing, as well as Philly’s own production team of JoeLogic & Dilemma.

Before listening to “Masterpiece,” Jazmine said, “Every day I have to remind myself of what is good about me. And it’s a lot. I feel like I have to say that.”

But there’s more to the song, she said. It’s an anthem for all women and all people.

“I wrote it to remind myself – and to remind yourselves – that we are all masterpieces,” she concluded.

After a brief Q&A session, Jazmine belted out two songs, backed by an acoustic guitar player.

She will do a tour to support the album, with details to be released soon.

“I’m still questioning if it’s fame that I’m after,” she said. “I want to be legendary, one of those household names.”

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