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Languid PA, Uncle/Father Oscar, A Day Without Love, Osaka and Second Marriage @ The Baker Bowl.

February 12, 2015

LanguidPA05Text and images by Diana Shalenkova.

About eighty people packed The Baker Bowl Saturday to see A Day Without Love, Languid PA (above), Osaka, Second Marriage, and Uncle/Father Oscar.

In the string-light decorated basement, Second Marriage opened the show, closely followed by Osaka, with the crowd bouncing, nodding and dancing along.

A Day Without Love provided a change of tempo, with Brian Walker playing solo with a guitar and a pedal board. He serenaded the audience with sorrowful stories set over melancholy melodies, dropping names of friends in the crowd in response to their cries of “I love you!”

“I’ve never played this song live,” Walker admitted before jumping into “Senseless.”

Uncle/Father Oscar began their set by stringing the mic from a beam on the ceiling, claiming they were going to “do it like Hawthorne Heights” (referring to the “Ohio is for Lovers” music video). They soon had the whole basement thrashing around, awakened from a somber trance.

Languid PA (formerly Forever Lesbians) took the stage last with a friend dancing on the PA, encouraging the show-goers to dance along to old and new material and urging them to get low before the climax of the last song.

Afterward, the crowd slowly trickled out, discussing late night taco joint runs and exchanging phone numbers with promises to see each other at another show.

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