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Stick to Your Guns with In Hearts Wake, 68, Being As An Ocean and The Amity Affliction @ The TLA.

February 26, 2015

Stick To Your Guns6Text by Vince Bellino. Images by Erin Marhefka.

Stick to Your Guns (above) came to the TLA in grand fashion on Tuesday as part of their Disobedient Tour, bringing along In Hearts Wake, 68, Being As An Ocean and The Amity Affliction.

In Hearts Wake, on the road from Byron Bay, Australia, kicked the night off with a hard-hitting metalcore set that had the crowd off its feet.

68 followed with a high energy hardcore set reminiscent of vocalist and guitarist Josh Scogin’s previous projects, Norma Jean and The Chariot, which he acknowledged with a sticker on the back of his guitar that read “Proud to be an The Chariot.”

Screaming into a microphone way too short for him, Scogin faced the lone other band member, drummer Michael McClellan, and responded to crowd requests for Slayer and “Free Bird” by telling them that he wasn’t a real guitarist and couldn’t play those songs.

Being As An Ocean took the stage next, ratcheting the emotion in the room up a notch, promoting their recent album, How We Both Wondrously Perish. The crowd could be heard yelling along to songs from both of the band’s releases and vocalist Joel Quartuccio threw the microphone into the crowd, apologizing after for doing so because he forgot it wasn’t his in the moment.

Fans went wild when Quartuccio left the barrier to move around in the crowd during Being an an Ocean’s last song, “This Loneliness Won’t Be the Death of Me.” Amidst the chaos, guitarist Tyler Ross managed to split the body of his guitar in half before handing it into the crowd.

The Amity Affliction was welcomed onstage with a chant of “Am-i-ty” before launching into a crowd pleasing set packed with songs from their 2014 release, Let the Ocean Take Me. The entire crowd seemed to be into the band, who brought their photographer onstage to celebrate his thirtieth birthday to crude jokes and off-key singing.

Stick to Your Guns came out to huge cheers, immediately ordering the crowd to start moving. Promoting their new album, Disobedient, vocalist Jesse Barnett encouraged fans to crowdsurf to the front and sing with him, apologizing for the barrier, saying it wasn’t the “most ideal situation.”

In the midst of crowdsurfing and circle pits, Barnett slowed things down with an acoustic version of “We Still Believe.” He encouraged everyone to stand by and work for what they believe. After their final song, “Against Them All,” he thanked the crowd for coming out and told everyone to take care of each other.

Stick to Your Guns received encore chants but did not come back out.

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