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Echosmith and The Colourist @ The TLA.

March 2, 2015

Echosmith-13Text and images by Brianna Spause.

Two young pop groups took a light jog through Philadelphia this weekend, bringing the heat to the TLA with them. The air was as dense as the crowd that crammed in to get a view of The Colourist and Echosmith’s sold out show on Saturday.

Feet were shuffling as soon as Maya Tuttle laid out the first beats on the drums, finding a dancing crowd to feed The Colourist’s energetic on-stage collaboration to. The California-based pop band puts out an electronic sound that survives the leap out of the studio and onto the stage. The smooth vocals of singer/guitarist Adam Castilla carry their catchy tunes such as popular single, “Little Games.”

There hasn’t been any new music since last March with the release of their self-titled album, but that is subject to change. On their blog, The Colourist is teasing new music in the next few days.

A charmed young audience was receptive to the cue of the music – to dance. Between sets, stage lights cast long shadows that slid around the legs of the crowd and illustrated restless movement. Chants of “Ech-O-Smith” echoed the baseline as the lights came up on a family affair. Echosmith brings an infectious chemistry to the table, fueled by the deep-rooted musical connection between siblings. Grahm (16), Sydney (17), Noah (19) and Jamie Sierota (21) burst onto the scene with their platinum hit “Cool Kids,” which soared to #13 on the Billboard top 100. Also off of the 2013 Talking Dreams album, the single “Bright” has made it back on the books with a music video released early in February.

With eight more sold out shows on their North American tour, the Sierotas are making moves that have landed Echosmith on VH1 and MTV’s “Artists to Watch” lists. Having developed together as musicians is evident in the way the band performs live, following through in each measure with a precise execution. Very clean melodies are executed as vocalist, Sydney commands the stage with confidence lit up like fire in her eyes. The young artist moves without inhibition, bringing to life the magnetic music infused with a little West Coast sunshine.

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