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Creem Circus @ Bourbon & Branch.

March 30, 2015

creem-1461Text and images by Mina Lee.

On Friday, throwback 70s glam rockers Creem Circus celebrated the release of their new album “Rock and/or Roll” with a show for fans at Bourbon & Branch.

Donning clothing tighter and more provocative than the women in their audience, the band created a seemingly unified body of gyrating motions and spirited voices.

Lead guitarist and vocalist, Chris Th’Pinto of DiPinto Guitars, oozed energy and just the right amount of edgy promiscuity. Straddling their instruments in sky high platforms and bared midriffs, Th’Pinto egged on the fans, asking, “What do they say when Creem Circus leaves the room?”

One fan responded, “Why am I so sticky?”

The statement rang true, as sweat filled the venue’s air with thick humidity, and bodies danced on to rapid riffs and raucous vocals.

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