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Vita and The Woolf: “It’s Scary Because I’m So Used to Doing Everything Myself and Having Total Control.”

September 17, 2015

VitaAndTheWoolfRSD2015Vita and The Woolf headlines tonight at Johnny Brenda’s with Aphra and Legs Like Tree Trunks.

We caught up with Jen Pague, Vita and The Woolf’s founder and singer, about the show, the band and their upcoming album, which will drop in early 2016. 

Tell us about the new album. 

It’s all finished and now, just needs mixing and mastering. It’s scary because I’m so used to doing everything myself and having total control. But this time, we’re working with professional producers and engineers at Spice House Sound.

Please tell us about the origins of the band. Why the literary references?

My close friend was really interested in Virginia Woolf at the time when I was coming up with a band name. I also had an obsession with wolves when I was a kid so it also sort of has a wolf reference. Vita Sackville and Virginia Woolf also had a romantic relationship, so it stems from that as well.

Do you think your music takes on a literary quality?

Not really. I don’t really read all that much anymore. The music is much more inspired by other music I hear and art I see in the real world.

You’ve had some band changes. Where are you now?

Adam (Shumski) is a full time member now, and we’re also trying out how guitar would sound in the live set up. I think it’s a matter of finding the right person who can also flow with our ideas.

What can we expect at the show tonight?

Expect three people on stage. Should be a party.

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