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Hall & Oates @ Opening Night of The Fillmore.

October 6, 2015

Hall and Oates at the Fillmore

Text an images by Morgan Smith.

Bustling with drunk middle-aged couples, Philadelphia’s newest – and extremely impressive – concert venue, The Fillmore, opened it’s doors to the public last week.

Who better to kick things off than Philly’s own Hall & Oates? Daryl Hall and John Oates, accompanied by their band – including a saxophonist who looked like an awesome version of Benjamin Franklin in a sequined blazer, made their way through their most popular hits as the audience sang along to every word. Although both Hall & Oates are 68 and 66 respectively, they filled the two floor venue with as much energy as they would have in the 70’s.

After performing countless hits, including “Sara Smile,” “She’s Gone” and “Maneater,” Hall & Oates closed out the night with “I Can’t Go for That.”

Being the immense entertainers that they are, they came back to the stage for not one, but two encores. Let’s be honest, they couldn’t end the night without performing their most well known hit, “Rich Girl.”

After a four-song, double encore, Hall & Oates finally retired for the night but not before Daryl Hall said of Philadelphia, “It’s been a long time but this is our musical home and that is the truth.”

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  1. October 7, 2015 6:28 am

    Hall & Oates are PURE PHILLY! Both Temple grads, where they met, they did write great songs that stand the test of time. It’s odd that when audiences of Hall & Oates age go to see Paul McCartney, the Who, or The Rolling Stones NO ONE CALLS THEM OUT AS MIDDLE-AGERS. They are what everyone else is “fans”. I know that JUMPPhilly’s demographics are a certain teenage level of music, but I bet 30 years from now, 98% of those groups covered will be long forgotten. It will be awhile before a “NIRVANA” reappears, who were strongly influenced by the BEATLES a group that will live well past their age.

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