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Mr. Sampson and Congo Sanchez @ Silk City.

November 2, 2015

MRSampsonMagdaPOnlineText and images by Magdalena Papaioannou.

Mr. Sampson and Congo Sanchez rocked Silk City last Wednesday.

Aurize opened the night with some electronic tunes but the real show didn’t start until Mr. Sampson took the stage. The crowd that had been gathered at the bar ran to the dance floor when Mr. Sampson began to play.

Many in attendance were college students from Drexel University, where Mr. Sampson began. Aaron Harel beat the drums as Joe Haederle played soulful samples and funky beats. Together, they created a new groovy sound that crossed funk and EDM.

Mr. Sampson recently opened for Griz and Break Science at The Fillmore.

Congo Sanchez joined Mr. Sampson at the end of their set. Flex, the rapper from Congo Sanchez, was incredibly energetic, jumping on the stage as his partner, Haile, sang beautiful reggae melodies.

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  1. Keith Gordon permalink
    November 2, 2015 12:57 pm

    The homie Aurize tho

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