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together PANGEA and White Reaper @ PhilaMOCA.

November 30, 2015

5R7A1347Text by Sami Rahman. Images by Conor O’Mara.

“I’m drunk as shit!” yelled an audience member as together PANGEA took the stage at PhilaMOCA on Wednesday, November 18.

It was a fitting way to start the night for a band who came to fame with a song called, “Too Drunk to Cum.”

The opener, White Reaper, of Louisville, beckoned the crowd forward, the singer clad in a giant black winter hat. They served up a fiery punk sound, perfect for anyone who missed the heyday of Stiff Little Fingers or the Undertones.

“It was one of my favorite sets,” said Ryan Hater, keyboardist of White Reaper. “Every time we play here, we get really excited.”

The echoing, tuneful keyboards mixed with the attitude and snarl nicely, and more than a few people could be heard humming the keyboard hooks to themselves before the headliner played.

“I love it. Why not?” said together PANGEA bassist Danny Bengston about moshing at shows. “It’s awesome that they are that enthusiastic about the music.”

The crowd at the DIY venue certainly showed their enthusiasm, with the mosh pit forming by the second song and not letting up for the whole set.

Singing along wholeheartedly to lyrics like, “My dick is soft,” the audience were all over the place. But the dynamic songs meant there was a lot of gazing up at band, ready to jump into action at the next chorus.

“I hope everybody’s okay, they keep falling onto shit,” said singer William Keegan after a particularly bad tumble knocked over his microphone.

Growing more aggressive throughout the show, together PANGEA culminated the set with an assertive cover of “Gates of Heaven” by the Dad Horse Experience. Keegan dragged the microphone stand into the middle of the crowd and howled into it, his guitar screeching along as the sweaty mass surrounded him.

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