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Swizzymack, Araabmuzik and Nadus @ District N9NE.

February 24, 2016

swizzy-5.jpgText by Erik Whipp. Images by Magdalena Papaioannou.

All night, you could feel the bass shake the walls of District N9NE, the nightclub where NadusSwizzymack (above) and famed DJ and self proclaimed “MVP of the MPC” Araabmuzik performed last Friday night.

Nadus took the stage with an electrifying entrance. He appeared through smoke, with the tunes already underway. He set the stage for his performance with a remix of Drake’s incredibly popular “Hotling Bling.”

The crowd that had previously been focused on taking selfies and posting to social media suddenly transformed into a sea of dancers. Nadus brought with him  an explosive trap drum sound mixed to perfection upon upbeat dance music. Nadus had the audience in the palm of his hands. He sealed the deal when he exited with a remix of the “Bill Nye the Science Guy” theme song. The crowd went nuts for Nadus, and his throwback finale.

Next up was Providence’s Araabmuzik. His unmatched skill on the MPC brought new energy to the show. Performing hits from the past and present like, “I Can’t Stop” by Flux Pavilion and “Antidote” by Travis Scott. The crowd screamed along to every word.

Araabmuzik played at 1,000 miles per hour, striking his buttons so fast, creating hard hitting trap drums while a producing a constant melody in unison. It is an incredible feat to anyone familiar with drum samplers. Every time he went on a tangential beat, the crowd roared louder than the music. In an odd way, Araabmuzik appeared to be superhuman, with lightning focus on his instrument throughout his set, seldom speaking to the crowd. He let the music speak for itself and the crowd was more than accepting.

With two thrilling performances completed, the audience was chanting for Philly’s very own Swizzymack. Swizzymack hooked up his laptop to the DJ controller and the crowd was, at last, appeased. A sense of déjà vu filled the air as Mack opened up with the same Travis Scott tune as Araabmuzik.

Swizzymack proved he was as energetic as Araabmuzik’s fingers were agile, asking the crowd constantly, “How ya’ll doing?” and “Are you ready for a good time, Philly?”

The crowd shook the venue, dancing as Swizzymack danced with them, throwing his arms about and repeatedly jumping to the front of the stage and back behind the DJ booth.

Although there were multiple sound issues throughout the night, it didn’t stop the crowd from tearing the venue down. There were no signs of distress or anger, a silent reminder that music is what brings these incalculable amounts of fans to shows. The howling fans never ceased to roar through the sets, a party well done by a group of especially talented group of DJs.

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  1. February 27, 2016 10:41 am

    Shows like this and the Peking Duk show at the Foundry get me so hype

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