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Beach House @ Union Transfer with Romantic States.

March 25, 2016

3.19.2016_JUMP_BeachHouse_DarraghDandurand_02Text and images by Darragh Dandurand.

Baltimore brought the love to Union Transfer last Saturday with jams from headliner Beach House and supporting duo Romantic States.

The starting set was moody, tinted orange and red. Romantic States eased the crowd into a trance that perfectly matched the misty dreams of Beach House’s sound. Their heavy minimalist rock was guided by guitarist Jim Triplett, with gentle verses and whiny vocals. Drummer Ilenia Madelaire starred off, all while keeping the rhythm and pace.

Packed in tight, edgy fans greeted Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally from Beach House as they quietly came on stage. With humbled stage presence, the two, along with a few other tour musicians, played straight into Depression Cherry.

Legrand’s long hair shielded her face, while Scally blended into the foggy background off to the side. Their live performance was comparable to their album recordings. Bursts of radiant light in between the darkness matched their ethereal, haunted vibes.

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