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Basement, Turnstile, Defeater and Colleen Green @ The TLA.

May 2, 2016

basement_6Text and images by Sydney Schaefer.

In the beginning of April, the boys of the popular UK emo band Basement set off on a headlining US tour in support of their newest album, Promise Everything, which dropped on Run For Cover records earlier this year.

Promise Everything is the Ipswich boys comeback to writing and playing music, as it’s their first release since they announced their indefinite hiatus only weeks after releasing their second full length LP, Colourmeinkindness, back in 2012.

Basement brought along hardcore bands Defeater and Turnstile, as well as artist Colleen Green,  to the TLA for a sold-out show on Friday.

Colleen Green, a one-women band, was the first to take the stage and got the crowd going early. Next up was popular hardcore band Defeater, from Boston. The crowd was riled up, crowd-surfing and stage driving to every song.

Although the crowd went nuts for Defeater, it was only a warmup for when Turnstile took the stage and all hell broke loose. These Ohio hardcore kids were running and jumping up and down the stage during their entire set. The lead singer even jumped into the crowd to join the party a couple times.

The energy of Defeater and Turnstile really got the crowd ready for when Basement finally took the stage. The UK boys kept the momentum of the crowd going by playing an hour long set, consisting of new songs and some old favorites.

All in all, it was a good night for Philly music. Basement, please come back soon!

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