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VOSS Album Release Show @ Underground Arts with Eddie Madrid, Mason, Kim Jong ILL, Bes Phrenz and Cain Kerner.

May 23, 2016

VossText, video and images by Donte Kirby.

Voss’s release show for album Insatiable at Underground Arts was a gathering of his closest friends, family and fans.

It was a showcase of all the musical talent and support in Voss’s inner circle, from Chris Vance, a rapper himself taking on the duties of master of ceremonies, to producer of Insatiable Ron Swerdon’s eccentric performance with his band Kim Jong ILL.

Voss performed his album from front to back with two sets filled with guest performances. Someone standing next to you in the crowd one minute could just as easily be on the stage performing the next.

Every artist, from opening act Cain Kerner to Eddie Madrid, with his breakneck flow, brought something unique to the show. Both Eddie Madrid and Cain Kerner delivered sets that were high energy and drew a lot of movement from the crowd. Kerner frequently addressed the crowd and started a clap or wave to get them involved. Eddie Madrid vibed with his DJ and let that energy infect the crowd until they couldn’t help but move.

All the disparate sounds of the night culminated in a set by Voss.

Artists like the hip hop alt rock genre blend of Mason (last minute replacement of Mazon), the R&B trap stylings of Bes Phrenz and the electronic experimental hip hop fusion that is Kim Jong ILL made sense at the same show together after Voss performed. During his performance, you could see how each artist influenced one another. The genre bending Voss takes pride in translates into a show that weaves eclectic musical fabrics into a dynamic tapestry.

Voss’s last announcement, for those who missed out, was that this may be his last show in Philly or the East Coast for a while. He didn’t say where he was going but with the clues he left it’s not too hard to guess.

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