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Ceramic Animal: The Anti-hero,The Trickster, The Lovable Rogue and The Youngest Son.

June 9, 2016


We caught Ceramic Animal a few weeks back when they performed at Bourbon & Branch as part of the Queen of Jeans month-long residency in May and we were intrigued. The bandmates all wore maroon suits and dark turtlenecks and their music had that jauntiness that matched their mod aesthetics. The packed crowd danced and howled along to every song.

Ceramic Animal, comprised of Walker Gall and the Regan brothers – Warren, Erik and Elliott, just released a new video (below), they’ll perform at Underground Arts on Saturday with Lou and The Binary Sea, and they’ll officially drop their debut album on June 30.

We spoke to frontman Warren Regan about the four-some from Doylestown.

Who is Ceramic Animal and where did you guys come from?

CA is a collection of four cool dudes in loose moods. We hail from the slums of Doylestown, PA. But we have all lived in either Philly or NYC at one point or another, so don’t think that we aren’t hip!

You guys are brothers? That’s a very talented family. Who encouraged you guys to be artistic?

Talented family? Gosh, that is very nice of you to say. Unfortunately, Walker Gall is not part of the family yet. But the blood has been spilt and on the next full moon, his indoctrination into our brotherhood will come to fruition and then he will be just as talented as the rest of the band.

Our Pee-paw got us all instruments when we were little boys. We would play for Pee-paw every morn.

Do all the bandmates have different characteristics? The shy one, the flirt, the brain, etc?

Most people think we don’t differ at all from each other because we will wear matching outfits on stage – they are riot, those dunces. But It has been speculated that Erik Regan is the anti-hero, Elliott Regan is the trickster, Walker Gall is the lovable rogue and I am the youngest son.

But the story is still panning out. For all we know, we may be the good guys.

What influences your music? How do you describe the sound?

We’ve been described by some as sounding like the Pacific Life “Tail Slaps Fight Song” commercial but others have said we are more like  if Joe Meek’s ghost entered Arthur Brown and he helped record Spiritualized’s Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space with Mott the Hoople.

Can’t think of any influences at the moment.

Can you tell us about the upcoming album?

It has been done for a bit now but everyone keeps telling us to wait to release it. So, maybe it sucks.

What’s on the horizon for the band?

We are going to get our matching suits dry cleaned and then sell out Underground Arts on Saturday.

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