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Video Premiere: “West Philly Jawn” by Post Sun Times.

July 19, 2016

The Post Sun Times crew are old friends who grew up making music together. Now, most of them live in West Philly and they really seem to like it, as evidenced by the song and video that we are premiering today.

We caught up with singer/guitarist Robin Carine and singer/bass player Matthew Kay and talked to them about the band (which also includes keyboard player Dan Rohe and drummer Adam Ferguson, who actually left the band after recording to pursue other interests).

Who is Post Sun Times and where did you come from?

R.C.  All of us are from North Jersey and most of us had a band together as teenagers. I’ve lived in West Philly since 2009, playing with different bands. When Matt decided to move out here from Seattle, we knew we had to start up a project.

Post Sun Times sounds like three old newspapers that merged into one. 

Robin: That is correct.

Matthew: Three currently operating newspapers.

You guys have a bunch of different styles blended into your music. How do you describe your sound? What are your influences?

Robin: I would say, firstly, the big thing in the 80s when British and American artists like The Police, Peter Gabriel, Elvis Costello, Paul Simon even Fugazi and Bad Brains discovered the sounds and rhythms of the Caribbean and Africa. They combined them with their own templates of pop and rock music. I think we took that blend as a ready-made sort of thing and then updated it some with contemporary pop and rock music. We dig The Strokes, Modest Mouse, Built To Spill, Radiohead, Phoenix, etc. We usually call it Dub Rock.

Tell us about the video and song.

Matthew:  The song was written from a jam in 2012 and is our only song that was born this way. It’s about our neighborhood of Cedar Park and West Philadelphia in general. The video is a cross-section of sights and people in the area. It’s our love letter to our home and it stars Sing from Mary’s Deli. Oh, and we put a GoPro on Omar. GoProMar? GoMar? The rest was shot on an iPhone 5c.

What’s so great about West Philly?

Robin: It’s dirt cheap to live in a huge house, which makes it really easy to establish a thriving DIY music culture because it’s like your house can be a rehearsal space or a show space or whatever you want. Plus, there’s tall trees and porches everywhere you look, which is just dope.

Matthew: Hoagies are $3 and everyone’s friends with each other.

What do you guys have lined up in the near future?

Robin:  We just started a lease on a new studio in Southwest Philly and we have a clutch of songs we are really keen to record next. We’ll probably have some shows toward the end of the summer too, so stay tuned for that.

Matthew:  I’m thinking of getting into Dog Larping

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