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Say Hello to Strange Parts, from Attia Taylor and Corey Duncan.

November 15, 2016

We first met Attia Taylor a few years ago after learning about her website, Lady.Bang.Beat., which championed the efforts of female musicians.

The talented East Falls native had graduated from Girard College, Temple University and Girls Rock Philly and she was performing at events large and small, including SXSW. 

She contacted us the other day to say she has a new project, Strange Parts, and we’re premiering this video today. Their brand new EP is called Rainier Bedstuy Home Recordings. A full-length album is forthcoming. The band will perform on Thursday at Everybody Hits.

We talked to Attia about her latest project and the other fun stuff she’s been doing.

Where have you been the past few years? 

I’ve been in Brooklyn doing research in women’s health and playing very small solo shows between Bushwick and Philly. I took a much needed break from the intense writing and playing I was doing prior to leaving. I was also working on music via email with Corey Duncan of Oh! Pears immediately following the move so that filled the void. 

Tell us about this new project you have going on. Strange Parts? How did it come about?

Corey and I played a show together at Johnny Brenda’s when we both lived in Philly under our solo projects and decided to write a song together to promote the show. We ended up releasing and performing ‘Born in Clouds‘ and then immediately both felt this strong energy and musical compatibility.

After we both moved, we decided to write back and forth between NYC and Seattle for almost three years to make what is now our forthcoming album. I would fly out to Seattle to do writing and he would fly to Philly.

The actual name Strange Parts is from a line in a Hermann Hesse novel called “Steppenwolf,” about human duality … “I found neither home nor company, nothing but a seat from which to view a stage where strange people played strange parts.”

What’s happening in the video? Trinidad? 

Rainier Bedstuy Home Recordings is a compilation of songs that we recorded across the country that didn’t make the album. We were very much in love with them but they just didn’t fit. This is our way of making sure they get out into the world.

The video is footage from my recent trip to Trinidad to interview a woman for research and also just to get away with a childhood friend of mine who is pictured in the video. Trinidad was incredibly beautiful and while I didn’t have a professional film crew with me I thought the vibe of this footage really fit the EP, so I married the two. 


Are you excited to return to Philadelphia?

I AM! I have a very complicated relationship with Philly but my love is very strong.

We have been overwhelmingly supported by so many folks who were once fans of our solo work and the music community as a whole has welcomed us both back with open arms. We have an entire band of really talented musicians in Philly and getting back there for practice is nothing but love and Wawa. 

What should we expect to experience at the show?

We have been perfecting our set quite a bit between practices and shows at Johnny Brendas so you can expect us to bring 110 percent vibe. We’re playing with two really great Philly bands, Suburban Living and Louie Louie, so the talent will be top notch.

Expect to dance and expect to hit a few baseballs in between.

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