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QQQ: Dark and Depressing but with an Energetic Light.

November 21, 2016


Evan Campbell has been performing in unusual spaces around the city and region as QQQ for the past two years. We spoke with the electro artist about his music, and we’re debuting the track below.

Who are you and where did you come from?

I’m from the PA suburbs and now live in South Philly. I’m a K t0 8th-grade music teacher, and use all my free time developing my electronic project. I try my best to help my students love music and feel creative and like young artists. I never yell, as I just don’t understand how some teachers can get up in the morning every day just to be constantly yelling at children!

I really like your Girls Rock Philly program BTW.

I’ve been performing in Philly as QQQ for about two years. When I first started, I would play literally any gig that would have me. It was tiring but I definitely was able to fine tune my live performances as a result. I also met a ton of great people that I am still friends with today.

Describe your sound to us. Who are your influences?

Electronic and extremely fun! I recently saw one of my favorite artists, Laurel Halo, perform at Berks and was very inspired. I got into electronic music through listening obsessively to the BBC Radio One feature on Rephlex Records in 2003. DMX Krew, Aleski Perala, Aphex Twin, the like. I love synths but try not to let that obsession dominate my music because that could lead to a boring mix.

If it was 1983, who would you be hanging out with?

Maybe Bill Bruford of King Crimson, because I think about a particular interview where he talks about tension and release in rhythm like everyday!

We hear you are huge in Australia. How did that happen?

I had my music video, “The Ebullient,” played on RAGE a handful of times. It’s like an “MTV2” type program Australia, at 3 AM. I wouldn’t say huge.

What’s the experience of a QQQ show? 

If I’m succeeding in my set, they will feel engaged with me as a performer. I really enjoy making depressing and dark music, but I’ve been told there is sort of a energetic light to it. Everyone should feel comfortable in the performance space as well.

I’m not the best at selling my music! Come find out!

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