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Run the Jewels @ The Electric Factory.

January 23, 2017

run-the-jewels_tresmack-4Text by Will Macaluso. Images by Teresa McCullough.

Run the Jewels kicked off the RUN THE WORLD TOUR at Electric Factory, playing to a sold out show. The hip hop super group comprised of El-P and Killer Mike brought to bear the talents their fans most adore them for – making them feel included.

It’s not surprising that the group was able to draw enough Kickstarter backers to fund a remix album composed of cat songs. After the opening song (“Talk to Me” off the RTJ3 album, a seemingly thematic choice) El-P broke from the theatrics to tell the disastrous story of his first time at Electric Factory, opening for the Beastie Boys as part of Company Flow. It was a tale that seemed custom tailored for a Philadelphia audience, folding in local pride and local embarrassment in equal measure and worth checking out on YouTube.

The group, which has not shied away from overt politicism and controversial imagery with the videos for “Close Your Eyes (And Count To F**k)” and “Nobody Speak,” embraces their fans in a more intimate way at their shows. With RTJ3 being their most political release thus far, it’s unsurprising that they would seek to use the voice of an inclusive family member to deliver the harsh pill of the reality of this upcoming year. When your favorite rappers takes time to wish your boyfriend a happy birthday from the stage, you’ll be more inclined to stay tuned in when they’re being interviewed on CNN.

Killer Mike continued the dialog by leading the crowd in chanting his son’s words from the opening of “Stay Gold,” further invoking that familial bond. Also did you know that Killer Mike’s son calls El-P “Uncle El”? How cute is that shit?

RTJ were supported by an eclectic lineup featuring The Gaslamp Killer, Nick Hook, Gangsta Boo (who joined them on stage for Love Again) and CUZ.

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