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Danny Black: Music to Accompany the Listener on Their Adventures.

April 25, 2017



Ever had one of those days when you felt like exploring, maybe roaming through the woods or walking around town? If you need a soundtrack for your excursion, we have the music for you.

In February, Good Old War’s Dan Schwartz released his solo, instrumental guitar-only debut album, Adventure Soundtrack, under the moniker of Danny Black. The music has the poignancy of Good Old War’s sound without the harmonies that gets crowds singing along. 

He’ll take the stage at Bourbon & Branch next week, on Wednesday, May 3, so we spoke with the artist about his latest project.

The lyrics, vocals and harmonies of Good Old War are so amazing. Why go full instrumental in this new project?

I really appreciate that! It’s something we work really hard on in the band.

I think the main reason was to find a way to find my voice without having to be compared to the band in any way. I also felt like I had something to say in the instrumental realm. I really enjoy listening to film scores and I wanted to make my own version of that.

Plus, I truly love guitar and guitar music and I wanted a space to stretch out in a way that isn’t possible in the normal song format.


How has the reception been at shows? Do people scream out for “Coney Island” or other Good Old War songs?

Not at all. In fact the reception has been overwhelmingly positive so far. I don’t feel like people are leaving dissatisfied.

I’m working as hard as I can to give the audience a well rounded experience that fully stimulates their senses where they can let go of the idea that I’m in another band. That said, I’m proud of what Good Old War has accomplished  – and continues to accomplish, so I’m not worried about people saying they want to hear other songs I wrote with my best friends. I won’t be playing them though.



How do you like being alone on stage? 

I’m beginning to come around to it. It’s brand new to me. I’ve been in bands my entire life.

The show includes some multimedia to take a little bit of the focus off of me but it’s the music that’s filling the room. With music like this, it’s about sound and texture and not my stage presence per se, although I have been known to crack a joke or two.

What’s going on with Good Old War these days?

We just finished recording some of the best music we’ve ever made and that will be coming out this year. Tim is back in the band fully now. We’re playing at the NFL draft and we’ll be touring a lot in upcoming months.



What else are you working on these days? A follow up Danny Black project? 

Getting ready for this tour has truly taken over my life, but adding Good Old War recording an album and rehearsals for shows with them has gotten me incredibly busy.

I was able to write and record a song with one of my favorite musicians, Eric Bazilian, which we gave out for free on Record Store Day, and I’ve got a couple of other little projects in the works.

Definitely hoping to put together another Danny Black album as soon as possible though!

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