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Video Premiere: OOLALA’s “Space Camaro.”

June 1, 2017


Today, we bring you the brand new video from OOLALA, the funk/rock trio comprised of Rumi Kitchen, Vince the LION and Lux Nauta.

We asked Rumi about the video, which was directed by Airyon Love from Shy Boyz, and about the special brand of music OOLALA creates.

This video is wild. What’s a Space Camaro? 

Thank you. It’s a Chevrolet. A Camaro. In outer space. Duh.

Well, it is also nothing.

That laser shot to the groin … did it give you special powers or anything?

It did. As you can see, the laser went directly to my penis and allowed me to spew a cosmic orgasm of love out into the universe for everyone.

Seriously though, what’s happening in this video? It’s a love story, yeah?

Yes, the deepest love!

This song and video convey a surreal domestic space relationship gone wrong – the dream is over, the space cops are knocking at the door, the space money has run out, the resentment and lies on both sides are stacked up to a fever pitch, the space sex ain’t right, and they both need to get their ass out of town, in that Space Camaro.

They just can’t quit that shit.

Our man Airyon Love from Shy Boyz directed and we wanted to lean on his brilliant aesthetic and story-telling styles.

Who is OOLALA? Where did you guys come from?

OOLALA is me, Rumi Kitchen on guitar and vox, Vince the LION on bass and Lux Nauta on drums, though, we freely switch instruments on stage when we perform.

Together we form a triangle, the strongest form in the universe, and it lends us magic as we explore the feels of the cosmos. I am from Kentucky, LION is from Jersey and Lux is from York, PA – and we’re all flying at a mind-bending speed away from the boom that “made” us 13.8 billion years ago.

How do you define the genre of music you guys create? Where does it come from?

We are practicing RockRoll Cosmology. We are interested in providing mystical vision pillars for the furtherance of human knowledge, at its edges. RockRoll is our tool.

Our stuff usually consists of a heavy funk riff centered on a deep beat, with raw, trashy soul singing on top of it.

What’s coming up next for the band?

We’ve been writing new stuff like crazy and are looking to get in the studio and out on the road.

In late June, we’ll be touring a jagged line from Cleveland to Nashville and back. In August, we’ll be doing New England and up into Quebec. This winter, we’re working on getting out of the country – whoever wants us more – England or South Korea.

We are also shooting two more videos this summer. Keep an ear to the cosmic ground. We’re just beginning.

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