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Medea: The Torch Singers.

October 3, 2012

Text by Maddy Court. Image by Bill DiCecca.

Named after a dog, Medea is a wedding band gone rogue. Founding members Pat Robinson and Irene Lambrou met while playing the local wedding circuit in 1996. In 1999, they started Medea as an outlet for their original music.

“At a wedding, you’re there to provide a service,” explains Lambrou, the singer, whose dog inspired the name of the band. “At a Medea show, people are there to see what you do.”

Medea’s lineup has changed over the years but Robinson and Lambrou think their current lineup, including drummer Pat Domanico, guitarist Tony Winkler and bassist Rich Curtis, is the best incarnation of their project.

“The earlier versions of the band were more combustible,” says Robinson, who plays guitar and keyboard. “It was a heavier sound and it was a lot more progressive.”

Their upcoming album, Some Other Life, due out in September, is the product of two years of hard work. It melds jazz and earthy tones.

The members of Medea have learned some things during 13 years on the scene. Most recently, they put their music online to reach a larger audience. They’re not too stressed about Bandcamp, however. They know that their demographic is older, NPR-subscriber types.

“We’re grown-ups,” summarizes Robinson.

“Our band is a testament to the staying power of great musicians in this city,” says Lambrou.

Medea will perform at the Tin Angel on October 26

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