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Waxahatchee, Cayetana & More @ Golden Tea House.

March 4, 2013

Waxahatchee01Text by Ed Newton. Images by Jessica Flynn.

Upon entering the less-than-subtle door into the Golden Tea House, one is greeted by the unmistakable odor of spilled beer and sweat. A first-timer to the West Philly venue may be disappointed when the realization hits that there is no concession area pushing pretzels, and then even more so after learning that there is no one to tip for checking your coat. But what does make itself fairly evident is that this is a place built with music in mind. Though bare in amenities, it’s rich in spirit.

Tightly packed bodies gather round the leveled area of what is referred to as the stage. Amplifiers, a drum kit and microphones are left in an opened area lending itself for the performers of the night.

On the bill Friday were local favorites Cayetana, the Michigan transplants from Radiator Hospital, West Philly’s own Swearin’, and the main event, Waxahatchee. The occasion was a modest celebration for Waxahatchee’s upcoming sophomore release, Cerulean Salt. Katie Crutchfield, the songstress behind the Waxahatchee project, commemorated this experience amongst 150 or so peers in a similar scene that influenced her so deeply.

Waxahatchee02As she took the stage, the crowd looked on with polite smiles. The earlier performers, including her twin sister and boyfriend, mixed in with the crowd popping and passing communal bottles of champagne. Backed by members of Radiator Hospital, she delivered her brand of sincerity by way of her electric guitar along with the help of her friends. Playing old favorites from her American Weekend album meshed in with the new, the addition of a full band allowed for fuller sound that translated well live. Her heartfelt honesty could be felt with each lamenting chord but what was unforgettable was the contagious feeling of happiness that filled the room. From start to finish, she exemplified the spirit of the DIY scene – raw, inspiring and modest.

At just 24-years-old, this is the start of many great things for the flourishing artist. She is a gift to be embraced by the Philadelphia music scene, as only time will prove.

Waxahatchee's set list

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