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Paige Allbritton, Cranston Dean, Apollo Sun, The Morning Crazies and Wake Up Paradise @ The Legendary Dobbs.

November 18, 2013

Paige AllbrittonText and images by Matthew Leister.

Remember the name Paige Allbritton. She is a local singer-songwriter who may just become the next big thing in Philly.

Allbritton celebrated the release of her first album, Glue Me Together, at the Legendary Dobbs on Saturday night. Her blend of folk and Americana was backed up by a tight-rocking-band including guitarist Marisa Salazar, who crushed all of her solos.

The real passion was in Allbritton’s voice as she belted out songs such as “Valentine” and “Close To My Skin.” Her emotion dripped off the stage and the hometown crowd lapped it up.

“We’re going to get a little sad … a little soulful,” Allbritton said as she announced a new song, “I Don’t Want To Know.”

The song is so new that it is not on the new record.

“I guess you will have to wait until the next one,” she said with a smile.

In support, her friend Cranston Dean opened with his band The Stray Dogs. Dean was a charismatic performer and had the crowd dancing. His similar style of music, combining folk and Americana, was a nice setup for the main event of the evening.

Three indie-rock bands were also featured at the Dobbs after Allbritton’s performance. The Morning Crazies, leaning closer to the rock of indie-rock, entertained the crowd playing their single “A Hold Of Your Heart” and teasing Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young’s “Ohio.”

Apollo Sun added a little soul and hip-hop sensibility to the set and provided an exciting tease of Daft Punk’s summer hit “Get Lucky.” The Baltimore, Maryland band sold copies of their album Click Away. Wake Up Paradise closed out the night with a late set.

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