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St. Lucia @ World Cafe Live.

January 14, 2014

StLucia01Text and images by Holli Stephens.

Jean-Philip Grobler appeared from a side of the dimly lit  stage dressed in a diamond printed button-up and said, “I am St. Lucia.”

Shortly after, the other band members of the project Grobler created in 2010 assumed their positions on keyboard, guitar, drums and synthesizer. The lights fell on to the faces of the smiling musicians as Grobler grabbed his guitar and began the first song of the first stop on the “When The Night Tour” at World Cáfe Live.

His other band members include Ross Clark, Nicky Paul, Patricia Beranek as well as a newly acquired drummer. They all beamed at the crowd as Grobler announced how epic it was to have people spend money to hear them rock out. Then Grobler thanked the opening band, Panama Wedding, for a set well done shortly before.

Groovy keyboard beats and jazzy bass lines piled together with psychedelic synthesizer riffs redefined the sold-out crowd. The energy of the band matched the vibe of the crowd, who danced around the stage and in the mezzanine.

St. Lucia played a variety of their songs, from the more popular “All Eyes on You” and “Elevate,” to songs recorded on their first EP like “The Old House is Gone.” A light show that had been synchronized with the tracklist served as the backdrop as Grobler and his bandmates danced around the stage.

In the beginning of “We Got It Wrong,” the crowd was given an important duty of chanting “Don’t go, don’t go away” during each chorus and were not shy about it.

Each band member got a solo at some point throughout the evening, proving to all that many different layers of instruments and talents make St. Lucia stand out as a pop band. The crowd sang and danced along as the night went on.

St. Lucia left the stage briefly. After hearing the howling crowd ask for more they ran back out to play two more songs from their debut album, When The Night, which they released last year.


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