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Flogging Molly @ The Electric Factory.

February 26, 2014

FloggingMolly07Text and images by Mina Lee.

Flogging Molly doled out seasoned wisdom and fuel for moshing at the Electric Factory for their 10th annual Green 17 Tour on Monday.

Playing to a die-hard audience of all ages, teens and parents alike stomped their feet and clapped to Celtic punk rock hits, such as “Devil’s Dance Floor” and “Salty Dog.” Offering jabs at “Gingervitis” and the joys of not being sober, lead singer Dave King tossed out cans of Guinness to the audience. Aware of the massive pool of ages in front of him, King was unapologetic in the best of ways, joking that the girl that caught the first tossed Guinness was probably 14.

Leaving an ever-crushing crowd of moshers, crowd-surfers and ragers with bruises and hoarse voices, King made sure to give their fans a proper ending.

“We’ve always had one common denominator these last 10 years on the Green 17 Tour,” he said. “And people…It’s been fuckin’ you. Thank you.”

However, even after their goodbyes, not a single body moved to leave.

Stomping and unanimous cheering filled the venue until King returned to the stage to begin an encore performance.

An assuring King had one last piece of wisdom to share: “Philadelphia, it’s gonna be alright.”

Dancing along to “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life,” Flogging Molly was joined by their crew on stage to say their final goodbyes of the night. Reluctant bodies shuffled to the venue doors and out into the cold, some left shirtless (and even shoeless) from the chaos that Flogging Molly had so seamlessly created.

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