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Mike B. @ SXSW: Scenes From Day Two, With G. Love, Creepoid and More.

April 3, 2014

0000002Our Michael Bucher spent a few days at SXSW and he’s only now recovering. Here are his dispatches from his journey.

G. Love (above) performed on top of Austin’s Whole Foods on Friday morning. I don’t think I’d ever heard one of his songs before.

He was apparently born in Society Hill and his dad is was a lawyer. He has the strangest accent, so I would have never guessed he’s from Philly. It’s like a some sort of beach bum/cowboy vibe.

His first song was about coffee, I think. People seemed to like it, giving little excited yelps during his performance. Later he tried convincing the crowd that Whole Foods should carry his personal barbecue sauce.

Later, I saw Macaulay Culkin perform(?) in the Velvet Underground tribute band with a twist called Pizza Underground. It’s five piece kinda playing the music of Velvet Underground but they replace the lyrics with pizza themed stories.

I think I need to live in New York, where the band is based, to really get the appeal. Actually, it seemed like most of the audience was just there to gawk at Culkin. I saw two women waiting in the back where the band was unloading pointing and whispering “Do you see him. Oh there he is.”

After watching the set, I wondered if Pizza Underground was in on the joke, laughing at the fact people actually show up to watch them. I’d be down with that.

0000013I should come clean and just admit now Creepoid (above and below) is my favorite band. Not much else to say about it.

I saw them twice at SXSW – Friday night at Ten Oak and Saturday morning at Sailor Jerry House – and both times the music physically moved me. Not only does it move me, it moves every member of the band.

What surprises me at each of their shows is how much it looks like a fresh, new performance.

I finally made a picture of Sean Miller shaking his black rimmed glasses off his head, something that I’ve witnessed happen a few times.

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