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Mike B. @ SXSW: Scenes From Day One, With Kurt Vile, The Districts and More.

April 3, 2014

0000009Our Michael Bucher spent a few days at SXSW and he’s only now recovering. Here are his dispatches from his journey.

Kurt Vile (above) played a solo acoustic set at Clive bar on Rainey Street the Thursday night of SXSW. It was a mellow vibe but I was a little disappointed that the rest of the band wasn’t there. Never having seen him perform before, I had been looking forward to getting the full Kurt Vile and the Violaters experience.

His brother, Paul, sat behind Kurt on the edge of the stage,with a stained Flaming Lips t-shirt and a blank expression on his face.

British singer Jetta performed before Kurt.

0000014Afterward, I went to Buffalo Billiards for a midnight show by The Districts.

The band playing before them, Tennis, was good. I enjoyed their music but I could not stop myself from falling asleep while standing in the crowded room. It was really embarrassing and not the first time in my life I’d fallen asleep at a bar.

In my defense, I woke up at 4:15 am to catch a plane to Austin and with the extra hour time difference, it actually felt like 1 am.

But as soon as The Districts came on, my drowsiness dissipated. They rocked the packed room, looking as comfortable as they did playing last fall upstairs at Fergie’s in Philly.

I will say, after seeing them a few times now, their bouncing and bopping around onstage feels a little goofy but I’m pretty sure it’s a natural expression linked to their music.  

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