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Baby Eagle & Jansen Scott: Getting Weird on Mondays at EXTRA CREDIT.

September 3, 2014

BabyEagleJansenScottGun$GarciaMIXTAPE01Here’s the latest installment of our monthly mixtape series, which is curated by GUN$ Garcia. Today she brings us DJs Baby Eagle and Jansen Scott, who throw the EXTRA CREDIT party every Monday night at The Saint.

Our Brianna Spause spoke with the guys about getting weird under the El. Photo by Ryan Farber.

How did you get this party started?

Jansen: We started it not even six months ago. It’s still pretty young.

Baby Eagle: Jansen and I met last summer. We were guests of this party at Milkboy. We started going back-to-back and it was a lot of fun, so in the spring we decided to link up. The Saint was perfect because there are always two DJs spinning out of there. Monday night opened up for us and we decided to make it as poppin’ as possible.

Jansen: When we started out it was me, Dayo and Baby Eagle. About a month ago, Dayo fell back so it’s just been me and Baby Eagle rocking out.

What can people expect when they come out to EXTRA CREDIT on Mondays?

Jansen: They can expect to hear an eclectic mix of music that they probably haven’t heard anywhere else and to have more fun on a Monday night than you normally would.

Baby Eagle: I usually spin first because I get here first and then we switch off every half hour or so. We’re here all night, every Monday.

Jansen: We get about 30 to 50 people to come out. Since the Saint is really small, it’s cool because all of our homies can come out and we can have more freedom with the music. It’s open and I like to vibe off of that.

Baby Eagle: The only other party on Monday nights it Tiger Beats and I guess we’re trying to attract another crowd that’s not necessarily going to a mainstream thing. It’s kind of like, whoever you are and wherever you are, you’re welcome to come and get down.


What kind of music do you spin?

Baby Eagle: I usually start off with a lot of 90’s R&B and then we collaborate and play a lot of electronic R&B and hip-hop and all of that kind of stuff. I’m a big-time dancer. I’m into footwork and all of that. The first time I heard Baltimore club music it made me explode on the dance floor and I started DJing shortly after that. So that’s what I mostly enjoy spinning.

Jansen: Baby Eagle and I go back-to-back so I can vibe off of what he’s doing and we have some freedom. It’s a mix of house, club and dance music and then a little hip-hop. I’m always all over the place but I spin a lot less of the Top 40 and spin more old-school stuff.

Baby Eagle: I play a lot of Rio Baile Funk and New Orleans Bounce. Most of it’s centered around dance and booty music coming from all parts of the world. That’s my specialty – playing music that makes me want to dance and go crazy. After I make that connection with the people who are at the party, I can hop off the deck real quick and dance with them … and then hop back on.

Jansen: I really like the Saint because it’s more of a dive bar than a club. There are no boundaries to the music that we play. At some parties, you know what you’re going to hear all night and you won’t get any surprises. But I guess surprises are what you’re getting into here.

What makes the two of you vibe so well together?

Jansen: It’s really cool spinning with Baby Eagle because he kills club music and that has turned me on to a ton of stuff. We have a little bit of practice now and this party has made it even better. It’s cool because we have a similar hip-hop and sort of dance music/electronic pace that we share. We rock off each other’s energy.

Baby Eagle: We compliment each other well because he’s more into house and knows more about it. I know more about club. We both come together in the middle with the rap and R&B that is present these days. The connection happened organically.

Jansen: I like to put emphasis on the music. Even though it’s just Monday, I look at is a whole opportunity. It’s a time where we can kick back and chill, get into some really awesome music and do stuff that we probably couldn’t do at other venues. We are Monday nights at the corner of Girard and Front. There’s already this weird mix of stuff going on but I think it’s all about the music. And trying to get weird.


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