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Hozier @ The Electric Factory.

March 10, 2015

SSALLE08P-13Text and images by Andrew Thayer.

Irish singer-songwriter Hozier stopped by the Electric Factory Saturday night to play in front of a sold-out crowd as part of his 2015 international tour.

The singer of “Take Me to Church” fame played a balanced mix of solo acoustic songs and band-backed tunes, closing with his smash hit.

Hozier’s bellowing voice, bluesy guitar and heavy-footed melodies were in full-effect, particularly in the song “To Be Alone,” which was paired with pulsing, bright lights. “In a Week” exposed the crooner in Hozier as he performed with cellist Alana Henderson who
hopped on supporting vocals for a lovely duet about dead bodies rotting away in the Irish hills of Hozier’s hometown.

At several points, the singer mixed up his songs by either beginning to sing lyrics with a different melody or introducing a track by the incorrect name. He wearily attributed the fatigue to the breakneck pace of his current tour, which includes 70 upcoming shows booked between now and the beginning of August.

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