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August Burns Red’s Frozen Flame Tour @ The TLA, with Miss May I, Northlane, Fit For a King and Erra.

March 11, 2015

August Burns Red7Text by Vince Bellino. Images by Erin Marhefka.

Philly welcomed August Burns Red back to their home state for the final date of the Frozen Flame tour with a sold out show at the TLA on Sunday.

They brought along Erra, Fit For a King, Northlane and Miss May I.

Erra started the night off, promoting their 2014 EP Moment of Clarity. They played a mixture of old and new songs while the venue filled up.

Texas’ Fit For a King took the stage next, tearing into a surprisingly groovy set in promotion of their recent release, “Slave to Nothing.”

“Together, we will make the TLA shake,” frontman Ryan Kirby said as he ordered the crowd to jump.

Kirby also encouraged crowdsurfers to come up and high-five him. He high-fived every fan who got to the barrier and thanked security for keeping them safe.

Northlane, from Australia, followed. Though there appeared to be some microphone and sound level issues, they powered through and had fans singing along throughout the set.

Miss May I followed, immediately tearing into tried-and-true crowd favorite “Hey Mister.” The pit erupted with the first note and didn’t stop until the end. Frontman Levi Benton encouraged crowdsurfing throughout the set and at times there seemed to be four people coming over the barrier for every one security guard there to catch them.

A chant of “A-B-R” preceded August Burns Red, who tore through a massively heavy set that made the other acts seem quiet by comparison. Vocalist Jake Luhrs matched his thunderous roars with equally impressive spoken word moments, such as the band’s emotionally-charged rendition of “Spirit Breaker.”

Luhrs and bassist/vocalist Dustin Davidson stopped their set midway through to talk about the Eagles, Luhrs showing off his Eagles “For Life” shirt, lamenting about the loss of LeSean McCoy. The moment ended with an Eagles chant.

ABR then played “Back Burner” with Erra’s drummer, who Luhrs claimed had never practiced it with them before, played so tightly the change was unnoticeable.

They followed with a drum solo that went from being only Matt Greiner to four members of the band, each playing different drums in a near-tribal rhythm.

They left the stage after but came back for a two song encore, including “Empire,” but first brought all of the bands and technicians out for a large group selfie.

When an excited fan called out to the band, saying   that she loved them, Luhrs replied, “We love you too. It’s pretty well known, I believe.”

As the band left the stage, Luhrs thanked the crowd.

“God bless you,” he told them before wishing them a safe trip home.

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