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Krispy Kareem EP Release @ The Baker Bowl with Matt Holden, Second Marriage and Three Man Cannon.

March 19, 2015

Krispy Kareem 1Text and images by Diana Shalenkova.

In celebration of their new EP, Krispy Kareem (above) hosted a release show at the Baker Bowl last Friday featuring Matt Holden (from Legs Like Tree Trunks), Second Marriage and Three Man Cannon (ex-Tigers Jaw).

Opening the night with a solo Legs Like Tree Trunks set, Holden’s emotive voice captivated listeners.

Jokingly called the “house jazz band” by residents of The Baker Bowl, Second Marriage returned for the third time in the past month with their ever-addicting set of straightforwardly heavyhearted songs.

Among various unreleased songs, pop rock outfit Krispy Kareem played the entirety of their Cadillac EP, at times sounding mildly reminiscent of surf rock with underwater-sounding tunes.

Wrapping up the night, Three Man Cannon’s distinctly lo-fi pop sound put a definitive blanket of good vibes on the night.


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