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Falling In Reverse @ The Electric Factory with Ghost Town (and Dying Is Your Latest Fashion).

May 20, 2015

FalingInReverse-2Text and images by Erin Marhefka.

Ronnie Radke’s Three Ring Circus came to the Electric Factory Thursday night, towing along Falling In Reverse and Ghost Town. This is one of the most talked about shows in the alt-rock world, since the tour consists of an entire set of Escape The Fate‘s Dying Is Your Latest Fashion, which is the first album of vocalist of Falling In Reverse Ronnie Radke’s former bands. It was the pinnacle of many 20-somethings teenage lives.

Opening up the show, Hollywood’s Ghost Town graced the stage with their electronic rock sound. They performed with an on stage DJ. Though the vibe was rock, the electronic sound was stitched together perfectly and they knew exactly how to not clash the two genres. Kevin Ghost supplies most of the vocals and Alix Monster dons the guitar. At one point, Monster ditched the guitar and for his own mic, running and jumping wherever he could. The switch was refreshing and fun to watch. Evan Pearce was on electronics, supplying the band with backtracks that sets them aside from many other hardcore bands. The crowd, including many ‘Ghosts’ (their fanbase) welcomed them openly, with a lot of energy and excitement coming from them.

Falling In Reverse first came out to the stage next but renaming themselves ‘Dying Is Your Latest Fashion’ and posing as the band ‘opening’ for FIR.

The album artwork from Dying Is Your Latest Fashion was hung behind the band as they performed the album. Even though they excluded a few songs, they included hits like “Situations,” “The Guillotine,” “Reverse the Curse,” “Not Good Enough for Truth in Cliché” and “The Day I Left The Womb.”

Before the last song, Radke said, “Thanks for letting us open up for Falling In Reverse, the coolest band ever. We really appreciate it!”

The Dying Is Your Latest Fashion’s set was darkly lit and moody, fitting the ambiance of the album. It was an emotional set for many of the older fans, who felt like it was 2005 again. Before their final song, “The Day I Left The Womb,” an acoustic song that is as emotional as it is haunting, a fan screamed, “I fucking love this song!”

Radke cracked up a little bit before starting and cheering from the audience to rumble.

Finally, the actual Falling In Reverse came out, complete with outfit changes. The backdrop was a circus tent lined with LED lights, which fit the theme of the tour. This set was significantly brighter and more energetic. Radke was expressive, jumping and acting out parts of the song in an exaggerated manner. Just from this set, it’s obvious that he is a fantastic performer and loves what he does. Their hour set included songs across their three albums, including “Tragic Magic,” “God, If You Are Above” and “Alone.”

At one point, Radke went on to talk about the “most hardcore song you’ll never hear,” following a lightly tuned, pop-electronic sounding song (“Bad Girls Club”), which made the crowd go insane with moshing. Along with the electronic sound they incorporate with their hardcore sound, rap is something Radke likes to include in the bands sound. Rapper B.LaY joined FIR on their tour to perform “Alone,” which made the crowd go crazy.

The entire house was jumping in sync with every song. There was an intense feeling of unity through the whole show, something that is rare to find. The end was a spectacular show of confetti and streamers, ending with “Just Like Me.”


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  1. June 1, 2015 9:20 am

    I was there! I didn’t stick around for falling in reverse now I kinda wish I did just because the stage and vibe sounded cool.

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