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Jane’s Addiction @ The Electric Factory with Sannhet.

May 22, 2015

16may_electricfactory_janesaddiction_chipfrenette_03Text and images by Chip Frenette.

Jane’s Addiction played to a capacity crowd at Philadelphia’s Electric Factory last Saturday night.

Brooklyn/Philadelphia-based Sannhet opened, featuring a hard industrial sound with no vocals. There was no intro and nothing vocal came from this dark trio dressed in all black. The only thing that had any color on stage during their set was an opaque orange drum set. The only purpose the microphones on the stage served was to project the hard driving instrumental sound.

Jane’s Addiction, however, did not lack in the vocal department. From the moment they were on stage, Perry Farrell had plenty of commentary about smoke machines and his multiple decades as a performer during their performance. Farrell, who created the Lalapalooza Festival in 1991, also lit up the hall with his piercing vocals.

The finale featured two scantily clad women, Giselle and Asha, supervised by Steve Truitt, suspended by their various body piercings swinging about the stage – a custom at Jane’s Addiction concerts. Credit for the idea of this portion of the evening’s entertainment can only be given to Dave Navarro, the tattoo and piercing enthusiast who has been featured on the A&E reality show L.A. Ink for his love of the body arts. Navarro also recently had a small role on the FX television series Son’s of Anarchy that wrapped up its final season in the fall of 2014.

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