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The Story So Far @ The Electric Factory with Four Year Strong, Terror and Souvenirs.

June 1, 2015

TheStorySoFar-4Text and images by Erin Marhefka.

Where do a banana and a hot dog get together? At The Story So Far show in Philadelphia! Really.

Their show at the Electric Factory last week was not one to miss, with Four Year Strong, Terror and Souvenirs. None of these bands sound alike, which is refreshing and exciting for people wanting to experience all types of music. It was a packed show with fans from around the spectrum – young, old, men, women and especially people from different music scenes. There were big moshers there for Terror and the pop punk ladies for The Story So Far. And, of course, a guy in a banana costume and another guy in a hot dog costume.

Souvenirs opened up the show with a chill set. They give off good vibes, while also jamming their hearts out. The majority of their songs were from their 2014 album You, Fear and Me. They have a beautifully emotional delivery, which also crushes emotions.

Terror was drastically contrasting to the openers. Immediately as their set started, vocalist Scott Vogel demanded that people get up and get rowdy, and the crowd readily complied. Crowd surfers flowed over the barrier near the stage. Vogel was highly interactive with the crowd, pointing and amping them up. The band’s intensity on stage matched their heavy music. While listening to them, movement is necessary. They aren’t a band were being stationary is an option.

Four Year Strong was highly anticipated after Terror, with their mix of pop punk and hardcore fitting perfectly with the atmosphere. Heavy chords and heavy vocals are matched with upbeat rhythms and exciting lyrics. On stage, their energy is unbeatable. The crowd was a constant wave of movement, with moshers slamming and surfers riding above shoulders.

Before the end of their set, a couple got engaged as well. Cameras went up as everyone went to capture this life changing moment. The couple kissed as the crowd cheered.

The energy was at a maximum when The Story So Far took the stage and played some of their most popular songs, including “Quicksand,” “Stifled,” “Nerve” and “Things I Can’t Change.”

More and more crowd surfers fell over the barrier as things began to heat up. Everyone had smiles on their faces as the California natives tore up the stage with their heavy pop punk sound. Their songs are upbeat but they still inspired a massive mosh pit.

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