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Non Phixion 20 Year Reunion Show @ Kung Fu Necktie with Outer Space and King Syze.

August 18, 2015

nonphixion_813_2015_kfn_chipfrenette_15Text and images by Chip Frenette.

The 20th Anniversary Reunion Tour of Non Phixion kicked off last Thursday night in Philadelphia.

The set started off with DJ Eclipse playing dual roles of roadie and DJ. Before he was joined by the other members of the group, he set up his laptop to work with the coded records that spin on dual Technics 1200 turntables. He also tended to the microphones for the other three members of the act – Ill Bill, Goretex and Sabac Red.

After he got the beat running to prepare the crowd for the arrival of his three cohorts, a failed microphone check called for killing the current track and using the only one functioning microphone at the DJ stand to ask for the other three to be active. He stepped to the front and quickly used the mic check opportunity to recognize the recent and unexpected death of Sean Price a.k.a Sean P. or Ruck.

King Syze, part of the Army of The Pharoahs crew, got things started on the evening with a lot of old school style rap. He mentioned that he still uses a CD book regularly rather than an iPod and still rocks stuff like Gang Starr.

Opening act Outer Space’s Crypt the War Child ended their set with a request for everyone to put their peace signs up for Sean P. and then he added, “Hip hop’s losin’ a lot of people.”

DJ Stress, a wild eyed and enthusiastic guy covered in colorful tattoos, held it down for Outer Space and King Syze.

When the remaining members of Non Phixion took the stage, the energy in the room quickly multiplied at an exponential level. There was a rush to the front of the stage to warmly greet the long awaited return of the hip hop quartet. Sabac Red was more than thankful to those in attendance letting them know how appreciative they were to be able to kick off the reunion tour in Philadelphia saying, “We’re from Brooklyn but Philly is like our second home.”



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