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New Found Glory and Yellowcard @ The Electric Factory with Tigers Jaw.

October 30, 2015

DSC_0702Text and images by Erin Marhefka.

Legends of pop punk Yellowcard and New Found Glory took the sold out Electric Factory’s stage last Friday alongside Tigers Jaw for a night of immense nostalgia. . The show was around the same time of both of the bands one year anniversaries of their newest albums. Yellowcard celebrated Lift A Sail and New Found Glory commemorated Resurrection: Ascension.

Scranton based Tigers Jaw opened up the show with their sweeping, melancholy sound, letting the crowd vibe just a little bit before things got crazy. Comprised of members Brianna Collins and Ben Walsh, the small band took the stage and captivated the crowd with their unusual sound.

With a simple black backdrop with the word YELLOWCARD in illuminated white letters, Yellowcard opened with “Breathing,” off of their 2003 album Ocean Avenue. Frontman Ryan Key repeatedly told the crowd, “It’s very important to lose your voice before you go home tonight.”

Frankly, that wasn’t a problem for the crowd as the entire room erupted, singing along with him on every song. The most unusual aspect of this band would be Sean Mackin, the violinist of the group. His energy is everywhere, as he is constantly moving, constantly engaging the crowd and constantly jumping off things while still playing the violin beautifully. The band played hits such as “Way Away,” “Only One” and, of course, “Ocean Avenue.”

New Found Glory came out to close the show. They opened up with “Understatement,” off of their fourth studio album Sticks and Stones. They roamed the stage, jumping and running around as they jammed. Their silly demeanor showed how much of veterans they are to the scene.

Guitarist Chad Gilbert strummed his guitar with a Converse shoe that was thrown onto the stage. Gilbert also climbed onto Jordan Pundik’s shoulder and began to play from there. Pundik grabbed a shirt that was thrown up to him and put it on as some sort of skirt/diaper combination and left it on far longer than anyone would have thought.

Inspired by the T-shirt, someone threw a bra on stage as well and Pundik also put that on.

Despite the silly atmosphere, Gilbert pointed out a fight going on in the crowd. Needless to say, the band was not pleased and immediately called them out. As the crowd got together for a good old-fashioned “asshole” chant, security escorted the disrupters out. This prompted Pundik to give a little speech about fighting.

“This is supposed to be fun,” he said. “It’s not a fighting environment. Violence is never okay.”

The vibe was fixed after playing a few songs. Tigers Jaw keyboardist Brianna Collins joined them on stage for “Vicious Love,” a duet originally performed with Paramore frontwoman Hayley Williams.

At the close of the show, A young fan by the name of Delaney joined the band for their final song, “My Friends Over You.

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