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Cold Fronts Album Release Show @ Johnny Brenda’s with Heyrocco and Chrome Pony.

November 9, 2015

COLD_FRONTS_110615-009Text by Sami Rahman. Images by Rick Kauffman.

Cold Fronts turned Johnny Brenda’s into a crowd-surfing party on Friday for the release of their album Forever Whatever.

Nashville band Chrome Pony was the first opener, serving up some swaggering rock and roll. Vocalist Tyler Davis sneered his way through the set with attitude and energy. But it wasn’t until the second opener, Heyrocco, took the stage that things really started to liven up.

Wearing a black T-shirt with a “FUCK YOU” emblazoned across the back, singer Nate Merli thundered his way through the set. It was hard to tell if it was him or powerhouse drummer Tanner Cooper who powered the band’s grungy sound more. After the second song, the singer threw down his guitar and ripped off his shirt as Cooper pounded away behind him.

“I just wish it could have been louder,” Merli said after the show.

Near the end of the set, members of Cold Fronts rushed the stage to bash the cymbals. After a suitably crashing finale, the band finished, and fans began to crowd the stage in anticipation of Cold Fronts.

Taking the stage amid cheers, Cold Fronts opened with “Jackie,” calling out Philly in the first verse. Singer and guitarist Craig Almquist lost his hat and proceeded to whip his hair around while kids with their arms around each other in the front row sung along to every word.

“I just wanna feel the love,” Almquist said, ushering the audience forward in between songs.

The enthusiasm from the band’s hometown crowd was undeniable. It was Cold Fronts’ first Philly show since early September, after which they band went on a 15-stop tour across the Midwest and down South.

As the crowd’s energy peaked, the stage diving began. Cooper, the drummer of Heyrocco, climbed up to the balcony and Almquist took his own turn crowdsurfing.

On that energetic high, the band left the stage, leaving behind a satisfied crowd.

After the show, Almquist smoked a cigarette, his eyes wide with excitement.

“It was probably the most fun show we’ve played in Philadelphia,” he said.

After a long tour, you’d think the singer would be exhausted. But he was still amped up, even after the show.

“The tour was great,” said Almquist. “But I wish we had more shows.”

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  1. November 15, 2015 6:23 pm

    So much great music digs happening lately. Don’t even get me started on that new Cage the Elephant album that’s gonna be released soon……

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