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The Pretty Greens: Greens to The Front.

November 5, 2015

ThePrettyGreensOnline02Text by Emily Scott. Images by Rosie Simmons.

Julia Green wears a gold-painted ring that reads “Coffee,” which fits well in the setting of Grindcore House coffee shop in South Philly. She also wears a Wacky Wacko brand graphic T-shirt that pays tribute to women of punk, like Kleenex and Bratmobile.

She and Carly Green, along with guitarist Kool Schmool (all go by stage names), make up The Pretty Greens – a punk trio with a message of equality and social justice.

Carly, who works as an IT technician by day, was a radio DJ for more than 15 years in Ontario, where she grew up. She booked shows in her spare time and became involved in the punk and Riot Grrrl scenes of the ’90s while in her teens.

She moved to Philadelphia in 2005 and met Julia at a non-profit organization where they worked.

Carly lent Julia the book Girls to the Front by Sara Marcus, which fostered her interest in the feminist and social justice scenes.

“I came to the punk/feminist/social justice scenes so much later,” says Julia Green. “I am really happy I found it when I did because I needed it.”

The duo released their first EP, Ghost World, in August 2013, featuring just drum and bass.

Soon after, Carly and Julia met Kool Schmool, whose name derived from a Bratmobile track,  when they played as a duo at the Nut Hut Saloon in Fishtown. Kool, a guitar player, joined the band and learned all of their songs in a month.

The Pretty Greens work closely with Pussy Division, a feminist activist group in Philly that raises awareness of political issues geared toward LGBTQ rights and gender equality.

Kool notes that the track “Elevator Eyes,” off their latest EP, Lonely Hearts Club, stems from being tired of dealing with harassment every time she walks out the door.

“This specifically happened,” Kool says. “I just woke up, got my shit together, left and literally opened the door to leave and was harassed on my stoop, the corner and the bus stop.”

Their music is an outlet to raise awareness of topics that otherwise wouldn’t be discussed, she adds.

“You look out into the crowd and see that people are relating and appreciative of that because people aren’t really doing that kind of stuff around here,” Kool says.

The Pretty Greens signed to Raleigh, North Carolina-based Negative Fun Records in early 2015 and released Lonely Hearts Club on cassette through the label in February.

With the band’s vintage sound, the opportunity to put their music on tapes feels much like creating a collectible item.

“There is something sweetly nostalgic about it and the image of someone hitting play that old school way,” Julia says. “It’s a really intimate relationship with our music.”

The trio also has their own zine, “The Pretty Signals,” of which they’ve produced three issues over the last three years.

Kool and Carly complement each other by adding their own interests to the zine. The guitarist contributes fashion aspects, while the drummer interviews local bands.

“The last issue was about what makes you strong and what makes you vulnerable in your community,” Carly says.

The Pretty Greens performed at the March to End Rape Culture in October. Carly Green organized Treat Y’rself Fest, which took place in August at PhilaMOCA, to raise money for the march. The festival included locals like Kississippi and Ghost Gum on the line-up.

“It was mostly about fostering a community and having us work with other groups that we wanted to work with,” Carly says.

The Pretty Greens hope to release a seven-inch and embark on another tour in the near future, while continuing their activism.

“In Philly, I just like that there is lots of opportunity to play different places and do it in a way that you can keep separate parts of yourself,” Julia says.

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    These girls ROCK. So does Wild Belle, who will be performing at Union Transfer! You can still snag some tickets 😀

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