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Pell: “Constantly, Every Day, I Was Experiencing Things at a Rapid Pace.”

February 2, 2016

Things will heat up at The Barbary next week as New Orleans hip hop artist Pell (aka jared Pellerin) will stop by on his “Only In Your Dreams” tour. We’re giving away free tickets … see details here.

Our Brianna Spause spoke with Pellerin, who will be swinging through Philly as one of the first stops on his nationwide tour, about growing up down South and being an artist in the age of the Internet.

The name of the tour is “Only In Your Dreams,” and you’re running around with Daye Jack from Atlanta. How are you guys bringing the sounds of the South up North?

Our influences that we had as kids, I’m sure, made their way to the music that we create. But we’re just bringing a fresh, new sound of the South up North. It’s going to be crazy. There’s going to be a lot of vibes and experimental hiphop going on.

Your style is pretty laid back, with an emphasis on ambient sound. How do you connect with your music and the idea of experimental hip hop?

I feel like I try to make sure that I find an equal balance between being laid back and also being a little bit more progressive and up-tempo, especially with the recent music that I’ve been making.

As an artist, you have to constantly reinvent yourself because that’s what the greats do. I always wanted my approach when it comes to making music to not filter out influences that I’ve had when it comes to making my own tracks. I’ve always wanted my stuff to be experimental in the sense that anything can happen.

cover600x600When you dropped Limbo in November, was that a means of reinventing yourself?

Oh, definitely. I’ve been given the gift of having this title that you would call indie, so I can show different sides of my character to a fan base that is going to be loyal to me and actually care what I’m putting out. I have the benefit of being able to experiment with my own music.

You’re heralded for your creativity when you’re on a certain platform. When you’re only on the Internet, it has to be something that the Internet hasn’t heard. There are so many different sounds. If I was using the radio, I would be trying to tailor it to specific things that fit the mold. But the fact that you’re able to create on a blank canvas, you gotta take advantage of that while you have the chance.

What are you looking forward to most on the tour?

The good food and the good people, honestly. I try to make sure that I get a little piece of culture out of every city that I go to, not just do the sightseeing.

What do you think you’re going to hit while you’re in Philly?

Here’s the thing, I’ve been to Philly twice so I’ve been to Geno’s and Pat’s, so I need to think about that. What’s the next one I need to go to?

Probably Ishkabibbles on South Street.

Yeeaah! Ishkabibbles is what I have to try next. I’m excited about that one.

What is the statement that your new album makes?

Limbo is an album about self-discovery and experiences. Limbo is about life.

Making music, getting out, touring; how do those things help you along as a means of self-discovery?

Being able to travel has helped a lot to know where I sit in the world, where I fit in with the whole population. It’s just crazy because I think that has helped me discover who I am. A lot of my time last year was spent in transition. Constantly, every day, I was experiencing things at a rapid pace because I was completely out of my comfort zone. I moved to California, took on a new relationship and a lot of things I had never done in my life definitely helped shape my view of life.

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