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The Whips: “They Just Have to Rock! It’s Like a Disease!”

February 19, 2016


After three years together, performing alongside the likes of Sheer Mag, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard and Reigning Sound, The Whips are finally releasing their debut album Roots Rock Element.

Today, we’re premiering their video for “Coo Coo Coo,” which was crafted by the folks at Upland Film Company.

The “glammed-up,” “power-pop sleaze” band includes members of Far-Out Fangtooth and The Tough Shits. They’ll celebrate the cassette release on Sunday with a show at Boot & Saddle with Louie Louie and Wild Jim Banfill Group.

We spoke with The Whips’ enigmatic manager, Bobby Lasagna.

Who are The Whips? Where did you all come from?

The Whips are a bunch of weirdos. Grey is from Wisconsin, which is weird because, like, who else do you know from Wisconsin? Jug came from Upper Black Eddy, PA, which is the weirdest place I’ve ever heard of. Joe and Rusty are from NJ, so it’s weird as fuck that we even let them in the band.

Far-Out Fangtooth and The Tough Shits are still around though, aren’t they?


Why create The Whips?

The boys couldn’t help themselves. They just have to rock! It’s like a disease!

Power-pop sleaze? Where does the sound come from?

Well me and the boys used to all work at The Forum on Market Street, which was the last porn theater here in Philadelphia, until it closed in 2012. We used to have a tape of Desolation Boulevard by Sweet that we played in the break room constantly. When The Forum closed, we missed that tape so much the boys started playing their own songs to compensate. I never played no instrument before, so I figured I’d be their manager.

What’s up with the song?

It’s pretty cool right?

The video is oddly mesmerizing. What’s the inspiration?

Well, Jug’s been watching “The Brady Bunch” like non-stop since they put it on Hulu, and Rusty told me he’s been really into grapefruit recently, so he wanted to capture that on film.

What should we expect from the release show?

Well we got WILD JIM BANFILL & HIS ROLLING ROCKS to play their first show, so that will probably suck. And then next, we got those lovely ladies of LOUIE LOUIE, and then The Whips boys’ll probably play a bunch of stuff off their legendary, debut record ROOTS ROCK ELEMENT.

And you can see me, Bobby Lasagna, at the merch table. Pick up a copy on cassette. I heard them toying with the idea of just jamming “Sister Ray” by the Velvets for the entire 45 min set. You’ll have to just come and see what kind of whacky shenanigans they get into!

  1. February 21, 2016 12:50 pm

    You folks really screwed the pooch — we were supposed to go live with the DIRECTOR’S CUT!

  2. March 2, 2016 7:34 pm

    You know who else knows they’ve just gotta rock? RAY LAMONTAGNE. Have yall heard his stuff?

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