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Best Coast and Wavves @ The Electric Factory with Cherry Glazerr.

February 22, 2016


Text by Emily Scott. Images by Rick Kauffman.

Five years later, California natives Best Coast and Wavves took to the stage in Philadelphia for the second round of their “Summer is Forever” tour. This time, singer-guitarist Bethany Cosentino isn’t wearing “sweatpants and heels,” she joked about an emergency hospital visit before the Philadelphia show five years prior.

The evening opened with a new collective of California rock, Cherry Glazerr. The new faces on the block had no fear as they took the stage to play anthem-like guitar riffs off their 2014 album, Haxel Princess.

Cherry Glazerr frontwoman Clementine Creevy’s falsetto harmonies worked fittingly on the indie rock track “Had Ten Dollaz.” Creevy’s guitar solos and the vibrant synthesizer parts worked off each other in a playful manner.

During the song “Teenage Girl,” Creevy let loose by bobbing and flailing around the stage while singing a testimony to the world of pop culture. “Internalized so much, but so little/ Don’t make us feel belitted, world.”

Five-piece surf rockers Wavves opened their set with fast-paced rhythms that most concertgoers could barely shake their bodies in time.

Wavves played several newer tracks including “My Head Hurts,” off their late 2015 release, V. The driving snare hits and fuzzy guitar parts set the punk mood for the rest of their set as the crowd surfed and moshed. Singer-guitarist Alex Gates’ all-white guitar shined off the stage lights.

As thanks for the Philly cheesesteaks the bandmates ate earlier that day, the Californian group showered the crowd with matte silver balloons and blow-up alien figures.

Best Coast closed the evening as a five-piece, which meant only one thing: lots of guitar. The band’s change of sound was made clear through the tracks played off their latest album, California Nights.

They also played several older tracks off albums like their 2012 release Only A Place.

Cosentino brightly sang, “I wake up to the morning sun” alongside dancing guitar riffs.

A Garfield costume head crowd surfing caught the attention of Cosentino who then used the cartoon cat as a symbol of her “Boyfriend,” on the track named as stated. “This song is called Garfield,” she joked. Guitarist Bobb Bruno pet the feline before it was taken off stage.

The self-titled track, “California Nights,” showcased the growth of Best Coast. The shoegaze-influenced track goes through the elements in the five-minute long song, leading up to a psychedelic rock guitar solo from Bruno.

Even on the cold, windy night in Philadelphia, the Californian bands were able to bring some of that sunshine to the Electric Factory for part two of the “Summer is Forever” tour.

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  1. March 2, 2016 7:32 pm

    This show looked SO SO good. I’d love to see them and also Transviolet live. After the release of the “New Bohemia” video I’ve been pretty hype over Transviolet

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