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Video Premiere: “Hold the Weight” by CLOAKZ.

May 25, 2016


CLOAKZ is a new band, founded by Zachary Ciancaglini and comprised of musicians who play in other bands. They released their debut EP, Semi-Autographic, in April and we’re premiering the first video from the album.

We caught up with Zachary to learn about the new project.

CLOAKZ? Who is that and what are you guys all about? 

CLOAKZ is comprised of myself, Zachary Ciancaglini (guitar/vocals), Rusty Langley (guitar), Tony Aquillino (bass/vocals) and Jay Yachetta (drums).

As a brand new band, it’s hard to say what we are all about but I can definitely tell you that we are mainly just four dudes looking to have fun playing indie rock ‘n’ roll in Philly basements. Up until recently, CLOAKZ was solely a recording project but now with the recent EP release, video release and live band stirring, we are anxious to get out there and into your ears.

You guys all have other projects going, right? How is CLOAKZ different?

Yeah, we’re all musicians in other projects as well. I play in a NYC based band called Raccoon Fighter and the other guys play in multiple local Philly acts. In Raccoon Fighter, I am the drummer so CLOAKZ is certainly a big change for me personally but overall I think this band has more of a laid back vibe. Obviously, taking the band seriously but knowing that all our eggs aren’t in one basket so to speak. It seems to make things a little less tense, at least for me.

Raccoon Fighter still performs, right?

Oh yeah! We gig pretty frequently in NYC and surrounding areas. Last week, we did a festival in Montreal and we are getting ready for the Northside Festival in Brooklyn in a couple weeks. So yeah, I drive back and forth from Philly to NY a lot. It’s not that bad when traffic behaves.


What was the process behind Semi-Autographic?

This EP was a collaboration of songs I had written while working at a recording studio in Brooklyn in 2012. I made a demo album on my phone between recording sessions and it caught the ear of producer Alex Lipsen, who also was one of the studio owners. We linked back up towards the end of 2014 in Alex’s new studio and began working on the old demos along with some new material. The finished product was the Semi-Autographic EP.

It is the result of having something with mild potential sitting on a back-burner and then brought to life years later with the help of the right ears and gear.

What’s going on in this video?

Here, you basically have me trying to get to band practice and failing miserably, multiple times. After already being late, I seem to run into a bunch of problems and shady people along the way, stopping me from reaching my goal.

Without giving it all away let’s just say the day and night turns out to be way different then I had imagined. The idea for the video was a collaboration between myself and the fine gentlemen over at Young Heart Productions.

Where does CLOAKZ go from here?

The rest of 2016 is going to be really exciting for us. We are sculpting our live show and lineup and looking forward to getting on the Philly circuit. We’re also working on getting new material ready for another release later in the year, along with more music videos and all that good stuff. Stay tuned!

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    Awesome video and EP!

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