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Tiny Moving Parts @ The Foundry with Prawn, Free Throw and Clique.

June 9, 2016

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Text and images by Jordyn Cordner.

Minnesota natives Tiny Moving Parts headlined The Foundry at The Fillmore last week, performing in front of a rambunctious crowd that ravenously enjoyed every act that hit the stage.

Last minute local addition Clique played first. Their moody, indie rock coasted out over the heads of the early birds pressed against the barrier. Clique recently released a new album, Burden Piece, which they performed, along with their older material.

Nashville emo quintet Free Throw took the stage next, starting their set by clinking their glasses in cheers.

The band’s gruff vocal style and punchy energy riled fans right up, and they were met with pointing fingers and singing voices, even turning the microphone into the crowd. Their performance was as twinkly as it was energetic and, by the end, the room was packed with sweaty, excited fans.

Prawn followed, with their signature indie, post-rock drawing shouts from an adoring room. Their melodies were gorgeous and powerful and their enthusiasm was apparent in their presence.

“We’re an old band,” said Prawn’s vocalist and guitarist, Tony Clark, “and we’re touring with these young bucks.”

According to Clark, the younger bands had to “teach him what memes” were. The crowd laughed and cheered.

Tiny Moving Parts closed the show, their iconic and unique Midwest math rock indie-screamo blend captivating the crowd. Kids surfed from the back, over the barrier and onto the stage. People pressed as far as possible into the front of the room, screaming, pointing and grasping as passionate vocals and hammered strings rang off of every wall. The set ended with singer Dylan Mattheisen on the ground, halfway into the crowd (below).

tiny moving parts-6480

The show wasn’t the only party that Tiny Moving Parts has had as of late. In fact, in their music video for new song “Headache,” the trio had, literally, the best day of their lives.

“The director pitched us the idea of a bucket list type video or ‘let’s just do a bunch of fun things,’ and then we got to skydive and stuff,” said drummer Billy Chevalier of the concept for the video. “I’m still kind of on the fence about doing this.”

Singer/bass player Matthew Chevalier, Billy’s brother, said that touring as a family is nothing strange for the trio.

“We’ve always been hanging out all the time since we were young, so it makes it easy,” said Mattheisen.“We’ve always just been together.”

After the show, the tour package headed to Washington, D.C. and is currently continuing across the country.

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