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Creepoid, Mercury Girls, Amanda X & More @ The Love On the Streets Festival at Paines Park.

July 13, 2016

Creepoid-15Text by Brendan Menapace. Images by Erin Marhefka

After a bit of a rain delay, the Love On the Streets Festival kicked off at Paines Park last Saturday. Thanks to a gray morning and drizzly afternoon, the event took place largely under tents but the rain cleared and it all went on relatively hitch-free (albeit with a few audibles in terms of lineup).

Following the skate competition (with music provided by Frank Sriracha, Fishtown Beats and Aurize), Hurry started things off. Frontman Matt Scottoline predicted that Mother Nature would show who her favorite band was based on when it starts raining. After a dry Hurry set, the drizzle started during Vicky Speedboat. But by the end of the set, some blue was visible in the sky.

Eventually, after a bit more fickle weather, the skies cleared for good, and the rest of the show, which included Mercury Girls, Amanda X, Endless Taile, Weller, RFA, Steady Hands and Creepoid, continued in front of the backdrop of skateboarders and street artists.


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