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Nothing @ Union Transfer with Citizen, Culture Abuse and Mary Lattimore & Jeff Zeigler.

July 18, 2016

nothing-52Text and images by Jordyn Cordner.

One of Philly’s most beloved bands of the moment, Nothing, shared the stage at Union Transfer on Friday, July 8, to celebrate the release of Tired of Tomorrow, which has been the subject of rants, raves and obsession among the devoted Philadelphia punk scene, so much so that a Tired of Tomorrow mural immortalizes the album on a wall in South Philadelphia.

Mary Lattimore and Jeff Ziegler, Culture Abuse and Citizen joined them on stage.

The show began with the haunting, droning sounds of Lattimore and Ziegler, who use a variety of instruments and equipment to create their music. Lattimore sat elegantly behind a harp with a pedal on her lap, plucking and adjusting to fine tune the ambience while the lights behind her glow.

Following the smooth, calming set came Culture Abuse, whose performance was anything but what had preceded. The band, on tour from California, spans several genres, employing elements of hardcore, grunge, and good-old-fashioned straightforward punk. Their lively set amped the crowd up for the rest to come.

Michigan natives Citizen came next. The crowd screamed and sang along with their well-known (and well liked) songs, packed with emotion and energy in almost equal parts. Citizen’s latest album, Everybody Is Going To Heaven, came out last year via Run For Cover Records. They played tracks off of that and their beloved first full length, Youth.

 Nothing’s performance was a whirlwind of Philly pride and love. The crowd celebrated with stage dives and they shouted lyrics, and the band reciprocated with words of love and thanks to their fans as well as their friends and family, who lined the sides of the stage en masse. The set was rife with emotion and energy, lingering in the air with the crowd’s exit when the house lights went out for the final time.

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