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The Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience @ The Wells Fargo Center.

March 9, 2017


Text by Jennifer Granato. Images by Dana Ricci.

Last week, the Wells Fargo Center came alive with music from the seven kingdoms of HBO’s hit TV series “Game of Thrones.”

The Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience was an immersive, multimedia event that made concertgoers forget that they were sitting in the same arena that on most other days is home to the 76ers or the Flyers.

Fans packed the arena to see live musicians and singers, conducted by the composer Ramin Djawadi, provide a real time soundtrack to the show as it played overhead on large screens. A full orchestra, a costumed choir, featured soloists and singers, and an expansive percussion section performed from an intricate, interlocking stage lined with LED lights. A violinist dressed in the style of character Daenerys Targaryen and a cellist dressed as a member of the military order The Night’s Watch were two stand out performers, both capturing audience attention with their emotive performances and use of electric instruments.

The orchestra played large stretches of music, alternating between full, popular scenes from the show and montages of clips. Scenes played in full included The Red Wedding, The Battle of Winterfel, and the pivotal Season 5 moment when Danerys’ lost dragon, Drogon, rescues her from an attack by enemy combatants. As the dragon on screen breathed fire at their enemies, fire shot up from the stage and down from the screen, those sitting close could feel the heat.

In contrast to the fire, scenes that took place in The North were ushered in with confetti snow falling onto the stage and the audience.

Djawadi, a Grammy-nominated composer, was visibly excited and engaged by the experience himself, frequently taking breaks to share quick stories about the show’s production and his musical process with the audience. Djawadi conducted large portions of the event and showed off his own musical abilities as well, playing the hammered dulcimer for part of a track and appearing on an elevated part of the stage playing the piano during one of the most musically interesting and engaging scenes of the entire performance, the explosion of the Sept of Baylor. Djawadi played the haunting piano melody across the stage from the orchestra and was accompanied by soloists as the tragic and vengeful scene played out. When the explosion took place on screen, pillars of green fire flashed up from the stage as well.

Those who wanted to be front and center for the action could sit at tables right against the base of the stage, with each of those sections divided into the different Game of Thrones houses, such as House Stark and House Lannister.

The event also featured a preview for season 7, slated to return to TV in June.

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